Collaboration-Macquiarie University : Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University

ความร่วมมือด้านงานวิจัยกับ Macquarie University ในสาขาฟิสิกส์ ดาราศาสตร์ และธรณีวิทยา

Collaboration with the department of physics at Macquiarie University is possible in the following research areas.

The collaboration can be in a form of the programs listed below, which are designed for both undergrad and graduate students, and for faculty members.


Mahidol – Macquarie Strategic Partnership: Collaborative Activities

General Guideline

(Subject to Actual Agreement Signed by Both Parties)

To ensure active collaboration and renew strategic partnership between Mahidol University and Macquarie University, the proposed activities are indicated below:

1. Dual/Joint Degree Articulation Program

To establish a Dual / Joint Degree Program (for Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree).

Plus Point: Students receive degrees from both institutions

2. Co-tutelle (PhD Joint Program)

To establish a co-supervision of MU and Macquarie supervisors for MU candidates after completing their coursework.

Plus Point: Macquarie University will be providing stipends for the incoming MU students for the period up to 1.5 years, during which supervisors from both institutions will co-supervise students, while MU will provide a free accommodation or a partial support to Macquarie students. Students will be awarded the degrees from both institutions should students meet all the requirements signified by the regulations of both. (The incoming and outgoing students do not have to be reciprocal in numbers between the two universities.)

3. Post-doctoral Program

To support Doctoral Graduates to gain additional research, training, or teaching in order to have better skills to pursue their career in academia or research.

Plus Point: MU postdoctoral students to Macquarie will receive a monthly allowance throughout the period of their stays. MU will provide a return-ticket, a partial living allowance and a free accommodation. The period of stay should be no less than 6 months in each institution. (The incoming and outgoing students do not have to be reciprocal in numbers between the two universities.)

4. Joint Research Grants for Young Researchers

To provide Joint Research Grants for young MU researchers / faculty members (not older than 45 years old) to have research experience with Macquarie researchers in their preferred areas of expertise.

Plus Point: Grants are provided by seed grants of both universities.

5. Research Funds and Collaborations

To identify research areas / interest and match up researchers on agreed research topics to seek external funding. Other additional research activities such as specific area research workshops in various fields can also be conducting.

Plus Point: research connection between the two institutions.

6. Academic Mobility Programs

To promote and support academic mobility, covering student / teaching staff / supporting staff exchange as well as short-term summer program or relevant tailor-made program of both sides.

Plus Point: for-credits and not-for credits exchange for students and flexible staff exchange are available both ways

7. Ph.D. Scholarships

To establish co-pay scholarship scheme for MU graduates or those who are interested in becoming MU lecturers to pursue their Doctoral degree programs at Macquarie with supports by both MU and Macquarie University.

Plus Point: Macquarie will provide a waiver of tuition fees, MU will provide up to 75% of scholarships while faculties and institutes may contribute between 25-50% of the scholarship scheme.