History of the Department

The Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University was founded in 1967 as the Department of Physics & Mathematics. The Department of Mathematics was separated from the Department of Physics in 1987. The Physics Department currently consists of approximately 30 faculties and 10 support staff, 70 undergraduate students and 60 graduate students.

The Physics Deparment offers 3 academic programmes : Bachelor of Science in Physics (B.Sc.), Master of Science in Physics (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (Ph.D.). The last two are international programmes where lectures, seminars and theses are delivered in English.

Our courses range from introductory physics to advanced courses such as applied optics, superconductor physics and nanoscience for graduate students. The introductory physics classes are also offered to other majors in the Faculty of Science. Senior (4th year) undergraduate students in Physics are encouraged to work at research levels in their fields of interest under the guidance of a faculty advisor.