We are an experimental physics group working on condensed matter physics at the Faculty of Science, Mahdiol University. Our group is interested in magnetic properties of a system in which electrons are strongly correlated. We are currently focusing on low-dimensional magnetism and frustrated systems, where the incompatibility between the underlying geometry of the crystal structure and local spin interactions suppreses a classical state and as a result quantum effects are enhanced.

We are looking for students in both master and Ph.D. programs. We can provide a scholarship to Thai students through the Royal Golden Jubilee scholarship. Students will have an opportunity to work on crystal growth, physical property measurements, and neutron scattering measurements. We are currently collaborating with researchers at NIST Center for Neutron Research, USA, ANTSO, Australia, National Taiwan University, ISSP University of Tokyo, and Tohoku University, Japan. Students will have an opportunity to work or visit these institutions.