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Online: Zoom Mon and Fri 13:00-14:30


  1. C. Kittel, “Introduction to Solid State Physics”, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York (1996).

  2. N. W. Ashcroft and N. D. Mermin, “Solid State Physics”, Thomson Learning (1976).

Course Outline:

    Lecture 1: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2] [video3] Crystal structure
    Lecture 2: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2] Reciprocal lattice and diffraction
    Lecture 3: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2] Crystal binding energy
    Lecture 4: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2] Elastic constants and phonons
    Lecture 5: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2] Phonons and thermal properties
    Lecture 6: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2] [video3-1] [video3-2] Theory of Metals
    Lecture 7: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2] [video3] Electric band structure
    Lecture 8: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2] [video3-1] [video3-2] [video4] Semiconductors
    Lecture 9: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2-1] [video2-2] Metals and Fermi surfaces
    Lecture 10: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2] [video3] [video4] Superconductivity
    Lecture 11: [pdf] [note] [video1] [video2] Magnetism


Homework will be given weekly. The homework must be handed in one week after it is given. You are encouraged to work together and discuss the problems with your peers BUT each person MUST work out their own solutions.

    Homework 2 Problem 3c: Solutions

Extra Reading: