Light sources

  • He-Ne LASER


  • Broad Band light source (Tang stein halogen) [Visible – Near Infrared]
  • Broad Band light source [Visible – Mid Infrared]

Broad Band light source2

Detector [Optical]

  • Photometer Ocean optics (usb4000)

Photometer Ocean optics

  • Fiber optic spectrometer ISA2000 (UV – Near infrared)
  • Power meter Nova Ophir 633

Power meter Nova Ophir 633

  • optical spectrum analyzer OSA


  • Refractometer RFM300

Refractometer RFM300

  • Liquid crystal Polarimeter [D3000]

Liquid crystal Polarimeter D3000

  • Si Photodetector Newport 400-1100 nm

Electronic devices

  • Function generator

Function generator

  • Power supply
  • Oscilloscope


  • Multimeter

Fiber devices

  • Fiber cleaver

Fiber cleaver

  • Fiber splicer machine

Fiber splicer machine

  • Fiber holder
  • Fiber striper

Fiber striper

  • Fiber coupler
  • Fiber splitter

Miscellaneous devices

  • 3D printer

3D printer

  • Digital microscope RS Pro usb

Digital microscope

  • Optical table with anti-vibration sys.

Optical table with anti-vibration sys

  • Tools & equipments